Timeless Innovators

When we – at one of those rare moments sit down and try to reflect on who we are and what we do, it’s always about being a child.


What it is like to be new in this world? To open your eyes and see everything for the first time. Hello World! From sleeping to walking to talking. The intriguing process of becoming a person with moods, talents and preferences.


Sure, we are designers. We make beautiful, high quality gear and lifestyle products. We also like to be ahead of the crowd. Innovative, setting the tone. And at the same time we see ourselves as timeless romantics: making the world a better place by lightening things up. Stirring up some laughs, creating a roar. Life is too special to take it for granted. Every day feels like a new beginning.


Hello World! Are you ready for us? Cause we are ready for you!


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Being Dutch

We like to see ourselves as ‘Internationalists’ but we definitely cannot deny our Dutch genes.


A combination of minimalism, Calvinism and a strong sense of irony made Dutch Design a worldwide success.


In case of Imps&Elfs it’s the quality of shapes, the specific use of colours and the tone of our voice that makes us undeniably Dutch.


IMPS&ELFS wants a child to be a child. Children’s characteristics, like their build, their personality, their imagination, get all the space they need.


First you see the child, then what he is wearing. The true quality of the clothes is in the cut. On a hanger, the garment appears straightforward. But on the body, it shows its finesse. A shifted shoulder seam, a sleeve just a bit tighter than usual. This combination results in a sharp and fashionable silhouette without being too obvious.


IMPS&ELFS has always been fascinated by language. Letters are beautiful forms; abstract at first, slowly forming words and sentences.


Learning to talk, to read, to write is like magic. It opens a door to new and exciting worlds.


We have always been ‘wordy’. A brand with a voice. A brand that speaks up.


IMPS&ELFS says...


A newborn baby spends most of the time sleeping, up to 20 hours a day.


That is why comfortable, soft clothes that feel good to lie in are important. The colour palette of the collection is subdued. The fabrics are extra soft and stretchy, so that they feel like a second skin.


The collection is made up of layers, from thin and soft to the skin, to warm and protective. Buttons and closures are smartly concealed. Finally, the prints, complete the collection. These prints express in one form or other the start of life: Hello World!’.


A human being takes about two million steps in their lifetime.


Now is the time that the first of these two million steps is taken. Discovering the world. First crawling on all fours, then walking upright. Here I am. Falling down and getting up again, trying, learning. From inside the house to outside.


This phase calls for a complete collection. The colour palette and materials are inspired by the different seasons. Coats, woolly hats, socks, sturdy denims that will only improve as time goes on. Dresses are kept short, allowing ease of movement. The prints reflect the sense of a new, increasingly bigger world: ‘Let’s go outside!’.


The miracle of language. Letters, words, speech, reading, writing…


Once we start, we will never stop. Thinking, wanting, doing. But also: what do I like, what do I dislike? Developing an opinion, taste, voice. The heart of the collection is formed by rocksolid jeans. In addition to a small ‘Never out of Stock’ series, each season will see new washings, models and fits.


Naturally, there are also T-shirts, dresses, sweaters and coats. The tops are easily layered, from lightweight to heavy fabrics and light to dark colours. The colour palette changes with the seasons, but is always based on the jeans. This way, we create a beautiful, tonal look. White and various shades of blue form the basis. The prints in this collection represent an age group that is rebellious, yet involved. ‘From now on, everything will be different’.


Everybody understands the word ‘house’It’s a place where you feel safe and protected from the outside. This is where you sleep. It’s where public becomes private. It’s where you live. It reflects our taste and character. That’s what makes a house a home. We all grew up in houses we called home. Either happy or unhappy, home is a base, a reference. A place to go back to. At some point we leave that place. We set off into the world to find a house for ourselves and turn it into a home. Imps&Elfs embraces the idea of ‘home’. We develop more and more products and solutions for it.


It’s part of our philosophy to work and produce responsibly.


In 2004, IMPS&ELFS was one of the first brands to join MADE-BY. The ultimate goal of this organisation is to produce clothes that are 100% child labour free and made from organic cotton. These days social responsibility is a demand of consumers, also – and maybe even more – towards children’s brands. Young parents are highly aware and critical. They are very engaged with the world in which their child has to grow up and demand this world is handled with care. Sure enough we notice that our customers react positively to our efforts to produce with respect for the world their kids grow up in.


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